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36 Patches Added

36 Patches have been added to the website in the following categories. NSW – 10 Germany – 9 Major Fires – 7 VIC – 4 WA – 2 Events – 1 QLD – 1...

German Patches & NSW

The Germany patches have now been updated and include 210 patches. 1 new patch was also added to NSW.

13 New Patches Added

Happy new year, I hope 2016 will be a great new year for everyone. The website has been updated with a new design and new patches added. I have added 13 new patches to...

NSW Fires

New South Wales (Australia) is currently experiencing devastating fires across the state. The fires have burnt over 40,000 hectares with an estimated loss of 200 homes. There are fears that with deteriorating conditions several...

125 New Patches Added

125 Patches have been added to the following categories. NSW (New South Wales) – 5 Events – 120